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    Engine Filtering - Feature    



  In Dynamic Submission, you can filter the engines you want or do not want to submit to.  In the Auto Engines tab (shown below) you can place a check mark in front of each engine you would like to submit to.  The three sub-tabs indicate the type of engine it is.  The number you see in parentheses indicate the number of engines being listed in the sub-tab.

  Filtering the engines: You can quickly filter out (in engines), by clicking on the field you are interesting in filtering by and then highlighting the engines.

Let us say, for example, that you wanted to remove all the search engine that are from the country of Spain.   

First click on the Country tab, you will notice that the search engine list is now sorted by country. Next, Highlight all the engine that say ES in the country field by highlighting the first one, holding the control key down and then clicking on the last one that you want to remove.  They should all be highlighted now. 



Next, right click on the highlighted area, from the drop down menu, select, Deselect Highlighted Engines. All the engines that were de-selected will now have the check in the check box removed.

Using this method you can quickly select the engines you want to select or not select. There is no reason to ever select each engine one at a time. This method may also be used to select all the search engines under the sub-tab.

For more information please look at the knowledge base (kb). You may find it from the home page: http://www.dynamicsubmission.com 

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