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  In Dynamic Submission, Web Sites and underlying URLs are stored in a container called a 'Project'.  This feature is a simple and easy way to separate websites and their URLs from each other in Dynamic Submission.

Even if you have only one website, a web project must always be defined first. On the Dynamic Submission Toolbar, shown below, the first button on the left creates a new web project. You can also use the wizard.

dynamic submission search engine submission software web promotion web project

dynamic submission search engine submission software web promotion web project On the right hand side of the Dynamic Submission window you see the Projects which have an icon that appears as a folder and the websites with their profiles within the projects. 

The website profiles have an icon that has a small globe within a folder page.

There are many ways to setup the projects and profiles, the method you use is up to you.

For Example: If you have a large volume of websites that you administrate for clients, you may want to consider using the client name as the project and the website profile names as the actual domain name(s) the client has given you to administrate.

For more information on this subject you may want to consult the online knowledgebase or the program's help file.

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