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    Yahoo and DMOZ - Feature    



  In Dynamic Submission, Yes! It's true! Dynamic Submission  is able to submit directly to both Yahoo! and DMOZ (The Open Directory Project). 

You must only submit one page to Yahoo and DMOZ. Both have real people that edit the submissions and they review you site as a whole by the single submission. If you attempt to submit all your URLs, you will most likely never be listed.

Yahoo! now charges an annual fee of $299.95 to be listed in their Directory but you can still be listed in their web results for free by submitting your site to Google.  Yahoo displays the Google results in their web results.

Yahoo is listed in the Auto Engines Tab (see below) whereas Altavista and DMOZ are listed in the manual engines tab.

Be sure to configure all the settings for each search engine before you submit. Search engine companies each have their own set of rules and regulations about how they accept submissions. This software will comply with these guidelines but you must be sure to enter the date that Dynamic Submission requests before you submit your site.  Failing to follow the steps or trying to create a shortcut may cause your site never to be listed.

Please follow the few simple steps to submit your site or use the wizard to make sure your submission is accepted by the search engine.

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