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Dyamic Keyword Promoter Dynamic Keyword Bid Maximizer Advanced Edition and Overture Edition are your all-in-one pay per click - ppc management solution to drive visitors to your website. With millions of web pages, it is now harder than ever to drive traffic to  your web site from the hundreds of busy Internet search engines & directories.

[ Lease Bid Maximizer ] on a monthly Basis! No Upgrade Fee! No Engine Data Renewal Fee! The most cost effective solution to purchasing.

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Bid Maximizer Advanced Edition 3.0  
Pay Per Click PPC Management Software

List of PPC Engines Supported

FindWhat Google Adwords 
7Search Kanoodle
Ah-ha Xuppa (Bay9)
Lycos AdBuyer SearchFeed
Espotting BrainFox
Sprinks ( now Google)    Epilot

Bid Maximizer Advanced Edition 3.0 Bid Maximizer Pay Per Click PPC Management  
Pay Per Click PPC Management Software

The Overture Editions supports all Overture countries!

If you need ALL the search engines you may purchase the BidMaximizer pack and get both version at a discounted price.

Bid Maximizer Pay Per Click PPC Management Download

Bid Maximizer Pay Per Click PPC Management [ Lease Bid Maximizer ] on a monthly Basis! No Upgrade Fee! No Engine Data Renewal Fee! The most cost effective solution to purchasing.

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Overture ApprovedDynamic Bid Maximizer Pay Per Click PPC Management

Bid Maximizer Pay Per Click PPC ManagementDynamic Bid Maximizer is an ultimate  tool helps you manage your keywords and bids on major pay-per-click ( ppc ) search engines. Use it to build your keyword list, manage your keywords, monitor your keywords, URLs and the bids at all major "Pay-per-click" ( ppc ) search engines such as Google, GoTo (Overture), FindWhat, 7Search, and Sprinks. (Sprinks was purchased by Google) It will notify you your current bids, analyze your ranking positions and fix gaps, it is a must have search engine promotion tool for all web masters who place bids on "Pay-Per-Click" search engines. This Dynamic Software product is an approved Overture 3rd party tool

The Bid Maximizer Pack includes both editions at a discounted price and supports all major PPC engines!

Screen shot of BidMaximizer:

Pay per click PPC Mangement Bid Maximizer screen shot

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Pay Per Click PPC Management Software

 Click here: Screen shot of Overture Edition 3.0  Click here: Screen shot of Advanced Edition 3.0  

Why do you need Dynamic Bid Maximizer?

Recent study has shown that the "Pay-Per-Click" search engines have become the most effective way to get your web site to the TOP position of all major search engines. The Premium Listings (listings in positions 1 - 3) in Overture will be shown up at the TOP 3 positions of near all the major search engines include AOL, Lycos, AltaVista, go.com and reach 75% of all internet users. The first 3 positions from FindWhat will also be displayed in Excite, Hotbot and WebCrawler. If you are having problem to get your web site to be listed at the top position of the major search engines, place your keyword bids on those "Pay-Per-Click" search engines is the most cost effective way to driving more target traffic to your web site.

However, to manage your keywords and monitor your bids and position is a very time consume task specially if you have a large keyword listings.

Dynamic Bid Maximizer provides you a powerful tool to allow you to manage your keywords, monitor your bids, analyze your positions and fix bid gaps. If you have ever placed bids on these "Pay-per-click" search engines, Dynamic Keyword Promoter is a must have product that will guarantee to save you money and time, and make your life more easier.

How it works and saves $$ ?

Dynamic Keyword Bid Maximizer allows you to maintain your position at the lowest cost possible by fixing the bid GAPs.

Our recent study have shown that over 85% of the bids on the "Pay-per-click" search engines are over paid and the advertisers have wasted hundreds of dollars because they can not take care of the bid GAPS.

For example, you bid on a keyword for $0.50, however, the next position below you is only paying $0.15, that means you waste $0.34 cents for this position because you only need to pay $0.16 cents to maintain your current position. Since the advertisers keep changing their bid price, the bid GAPs and position will also be changed frequently. In order to maintain your positions and lowest bid price, Dynamic Keyword Promoter is absolutely the most powerful tool to help you to win the "Pay-Per-Click" war.

Advance Features:

  • Easy to use and user friendly interface
  • Manage multiple projects for different set of keywords.
  • Build-in keyword builder to help you to generate more relevant keywords
  • Monitoring your (or your competitors) current bid amounts and your position.
  • Display your current bid, first 3 bids and your current position in one screen
  • Notify you the bid GAPS and remove the gaps to save money
  • Monitor your own URL or your competitors ranking
  • Automatically send you the email when your position is drooped
  • Flexible selection for checking any keywords or search engines and its combination
  • Customized keyword, bids and ranking reports
  • Export keywords and ranking results to Excel database
  • Auto Engine data file update to keep your engine data up to date
  • Analyze your clicks on investment ratio
  • Quick link to login area of the "Pay Per Click" search engines
  • plus many more ...

Order/Satisfaction Guarantee:

  1. 30 Days money back guarantee.
  2. Lifetime FREE unlimited support.
  3. More features and less price.
  4. Simply the best web promotion software on the internet.

System Requirements:

PC Requirements
  • Pentium 120 or greater recommended)
  • Windows 9x, 2000 and NT
  • 32MB (32MB Recommended)
  • 28.8k + Internet Connection
  • 20MB free Hard Drive space


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